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06 March 2016 @ 11:31 pm
Convergences (1/?)  
Title: Convergences (1/?)
Author: Ragna (scandalbaby)
Fandoms: Sherlock/Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Primarily Sherlock Holmes/Amy Pond but will include a variety of other ships; Sherlock Holmes, Amy Pond, River Song and the Doctor in this part
Rating: PG
Summary: Sherlock and Amy always knew their daughter Melody was special. But when they got caught in a temporal shift and their daughter gets injured, and suddenly alternate universe versions of them and their friends and family are popping up and aliens are threatening to invade the earth, it all becomes just a bit more complicated than they ever could have imagined it would be.
Authors Notes: My 600th Sherlock-centric fic on AO3! Written for a good friend of mine based on a prompt sent to me on Tumblr.
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