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wholockians's Journal

Wholock Fans Unite!
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Welcome to wholockians, a community for fans of the Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover fandom (and by extension the Torchwood/Sherlock or The Sarah Jane Adventures/Sherlock fandoms), commonly known as "Wholock." Just a few simple rules to follow and you can join in on the fun!

1 - All fanworks posted to the community must be Wholock related, meaning they must have at least one Sherlock and one Whoniverse character in it. Fanworks that fancast an actor from one show as a character while being solely from the other show (like casting Billie Piper as Mary Morstan in a strictly Sherlock fic) is not allowed.

2 - While this community is primarily for the fandoms being combined, discussion on each show separately is also allowed. If you are posting anything spoilery (ie: anything about the shows that has not aired yet and through to a week after the episode airs in the UK) please use either an LJ cut or the new spoiler cut option.

3 - Fics, fanart, fanmixes, fanvids and other fan works are most certainly allowed here! However, please remember to rate everything you post and label it if there's any warnings we need to be aware of.

4 - Please use the tags. If you need a tag, drop me a PM and I'll be glad to add it.

5 - No bashing other people. It's disrespectful and I don't tolerate disrespect. I work on a warning/ban rule: you get a warning, then you get banned. That simple.

6 - Do not steal anything you find here and claim it as your own, and make sure to give credit where credit is due. Also, do not hotlink graphics.


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